More than just ‘moving online’

There is a big difference between shifting a few traditional processes online and redesigning the entire operating model to be digital-first. Covid-19’s dramatic effect on consumer and working behaviour has shown us that – and it has demonstrated the dangers of doing too little, too late.

Digitalisation, in my opinion, only works if you have been preparing as a digitalised organisation. You can't just become digital-first in one month.


Chairman and Managing Director, Havells India

Digital-first businesses have fundamentally reworked their operating models:

  • They have a clear strategy for transforming every aspect of the business – technology systems, people and processes
  • They use platforms that enhance experience, communication and collaboration between employees, customers and business partners
  • Their digital operating models are designed to be safe and secure, ensuring trusted interactions with every stakeholder

This has made them much more adept at handling change and surviving crises such as the pandemic. They are ready for anything.


of survey respondents say that without a shift to digital-first operating models over the course of the pandemic, they would have lost significant market share

Digital: Who is getting it right – and where is it going wrong?

Unlike the less digitally mature companies in our research, the Digital Trailblazers have been pursuing a digital strategy for several years.

When the crisis came, their investments in digital strategies and strong communication networks helped to ensure their success and resilience.

Digital Trailblazers have a digital-first mindset

Success in reinventing processes for a digital-first approach

Unlike the Digital Trailblazers, a lot of organisations start by trying to replicate legacy processes in a piecemeal approach. Many are still running their core businesses on pre-digital policies and the old ways of working.


of Digital Trailblazers report the highest levels of success in delivering a digital-first operating model for their ecosystem

69% of Digital Migrators 51% of Digital Aspirants


of Digital Aspirants say they have a patchwork of different digital strategies and processes across their organisations, rather than a cohesive strategy and digital platform

Honeywell: Taking a digital-first industrial mindset

As a close collaborator of the industrial sector, US firm Honeywell faced a unique challenge when Covid-19 struck. However, under the watchful eye of Que Thanh Dallara, CEO, Connected Enterprise (HCE) division, a digital-first approach ensured it could continue to deliver.

Our perspective: Culture and mindset drive the digital-first model

Digital-first has evolved beyond an enterprise’s IT strategy, pivoting now to delivering a powerful play between business growth, innovation, and acceleration, says Srinivasan CR, Chief Digital Officer and Head Cloud, Hosting, SD-WAN and Security, Tata Communications.

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