Trust in the digital domain

Secure, reliable and transparent ecosystem

As organisations try to improve processes across their digital ecosystem, trust and security are vital to ensuring that transactions do not suffer from friction.

And trust and security become even more of a priority as organisations move to hybrid working while adapting to a constantly evolving mix of cyber threats and regulatory demands.

30 billion

Data records stolen in 2020 (Canalys)

€272 million

Total fines imposed by the EU for GDPR violations (DLA Piper)

Our Digital Trailblazers recognise the importance of securing the shift to hybrid working.


Digital Trailblazers’ top-priority change to the organisation


Digital Aspirants ranked it seventh

How the Digital Trailblazers are winning on trust

Trust is another area where digital-first businesses will have a competitive advantage in the years ahead.

They have trusted access for customers

Respondents who are confident in their ability to deliver safe and secure connections and experiences to all their customers

They provide trusted access for employees

Respondents who say their employees have safe access to data and applications from any location

They have safety controls across the ecosystem

Respondents who are confident they can deliver secure and trusted interactions with partners

Their businesses are more resilient

Respondents who are confident in their ability to continue business as usual in the face of major disruption

Our perspective: All business relationships are anchored in trust

Trust needs to be built and perpetually sustained. Hence, a 'set it and forget it’ model does not apply. It requires continuous assessments and enhancements, and cybersecurity teams need to partner effectively with other functions to deliver on this core business value, says Avinash Prasad, Vice President, Managed Security Services, Tata Communications.

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Post pandemic, as we usher in to the new world, we need to prepare ourselves to new security threats

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