Leading in a Digital-First World

Enabling success with the right mindset, ecosystem, and trust

Executive summary

Crisis can be a catalyst for innovation. The Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses to overhaul traditional operating models and adapt to a new environment.

Confronted with rapid change, many businesses have raced to establish a digital-first operating model that connects employees, customers, partners and suppliers in a way that is:

We asked firms how far they have come

Some organisations have struggled with this transition. Others have made faster progress and are already benefitting from their digital advantage.

Tata Communications’ new research reveals why the leading firms are performing better than the rest. The research shows that companies with mature, digital-first operating models – The Digital Trailblazers – outperform the two less mature groups: The Digital Migrators, which have made partial progress to digitalisation, and The Digital Aspirants, which are still at the early stages of the journey.


About the research

750 C-suite executives from 8 industries and 11 regions


Maturity model

What does ‘digital maturity’ mean?

Where do the leaders outperform their rivals?

Digital Trailblazers consider all aspects of operations

  • And they understand the importance of safe, secure and trusted interactions with every stakeholder

Digital Trailblazers versus the rest

Digital-first firms are outperforming their peers

Digital Trailblazers outperform on four key things:


Digital Trailblazers have a more connected ecosystem

In a borderless world, poor connectivity threatens productivity, so businesses need to connect employees and stakeholders in a seamless and secure way – no matter where they are.

Digital Trailblazers can link together a complex ecosystem of internal departments, employees, suppliers, partners and customers in ways that are increasingly collaborative and productive.


Digital Trailblazers score themselves highly for providing good digital collaboration tools for engaging with external partners and suppliers, compared with just 21% of Digital Aspirants.

Digital Trailblazers are more secure and trusted

Customers want to do business with companies in a safe and secure environment, and mature digital businesses understand the importance of establishing trust in the way they manage and exchange their data.

The Digital Trailblazers have secure access to data and applications

Percentage of respondents who say they can access applications and data securely and legitimately from any location

They are also better at handling trusted transactions with customers

Percentage of respondents who say they are successful in establishing secure and trusted relationships with customers

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