The hyperconnected ecosystem

Seamless connected experiences

Out of 50 of the UK's biggest employers, 43 say they will embrace a mix of home and office working, with staff encouraged to work from home two to three days a week, according to the BBC.

It looks like hybrid working is here to stay.

Most companies are going to have to think about some hybrid work environment, and you need the right connectivity technology to support that.


Chief Executive, Honeywell Connected Enterprise

So how can organisations support communication and collaboration between employees, customers and partners?

The very best companies, as represented by our Digital Trailblazers, are using state-of-the-art digital resources to provide better ways of working across a complex range of employees, partners and employees. They are hyperconnecting their ecosystems.

They are not just using the right technology. Their strategies for communication and collaboration support the new ways of working – between employees, with customers and with a complex value chain of suppliers and partners. These interactions are secure and trusted.

How Digital Trailblazers hyperconnect

They are connecting the workforce

Respondents who score themselves highly for their ability to connect stakeholders in the ecosystem so they can work collaboratively and productively on common goals

They collaborate effectively with partners and suppliers

Respondents who score themselves highly for providing good digital collaboration tools for engaging with external partners and suppliers

They are boosting productivity

Respondents who say they have improved productivity since the pandemic began


of survey respondents overall say that their firms lost productivity during the crisis due to problems staying connected

Work from anywhere

Digital Trailblazers are much more effective at enabling their workforce to work productively from anywhere

A connected ecosystem

They are also better at connecting internal and external stakeholders in order to allow them to collaborate more effectively

Standard Chartered: Leading the digital revolution for banking

As a veteran of the banking industry, Bhupendra Warathe, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Standard Chartered’s (Cloud Division), has seen the industry undergo several changes. As banks emerge from the pandemic, the executive sees digital transformation as an absolute imperative.

Our perspective: Connected experiences drive value across the ecosystem

Digitalisation is fuelled by a hyperconnected ecosystem enabling man, machine and materials to allow seamless collaboration and productivity across an enterprises’ stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and vendors, says Madhusudhan MR, Executive Vice President, Collaboration and Connected Solutions, Tata Communications.

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